Ways to Contact Gmail Customer Service By Phone Number

Ways to contact gmail customer service

Google’s Gmail continues to remain the world’s most popular email service, with an active user base of more than 900 million people. While being the most used personal email service, Gmail is also a reliable platform for business email. Despite its vast user base, Gmail maintains high user satisfaction levels and around 99.9 percent uptime in the cloud. Once in a while, however, you may experience some issues with your Gmail account, such as, difficulty in logging into your account, and problem in sending and receiving emails. In any case, there are a number of ways to get the necessary help from Gmail customer service. Before contacting Google directly, you can use information available in the site itself to resolve the issue on your own. Here are some useful tips.

Report any Safety or Abuse Issue

Gmail allows you to report any safety or abuse issue directly from your account. After you log in to your Gmail account, click on the Google Apps icon on the top right corner of your screen, and then click on “More” and then on “Even more from Google.” A new window will open, and you’ll find the “Contact us” button there. Simply visit the contact page and report any concern over the safety of your Gmail account.

Search the Help Center

The Gmail Help Center is a source of ample information about common issues other Gmail users have already faced. To visit the help center, simply follow the above steps to reach the contact page, and then click on the Help Center link. Once you visit the Help Center page, click on Gmail from the Google product options and you’ll be redirected to the Gmail Help Center. There are answers to many frequently asked questions about different issues, such as, how to delete or restore your account, how to fix email delivery issues, and how to deal with issues regarding chat, hangout, etc. You can also use the search field on top of the page to look for articles on the exact issue.

Ask a Question in the Gmail Forum

From the contact page, you can also reach the Gmail Forum page, by clicking on “Browse popular help forum discussions” on the top left. Now browse the question-answers by other Gmail users, and you may get your answer right there! If not, you have the option to post a “new question” by clicking on the appropriate link. Make sure you provide as much details as you can about the issue you are facing. This will help other Gmail users or a Google staff member to provide you a comprehensive answer to your question.

Contact Gmail Customer Service Center by Phone

Dealing with a malware issues can be messy because it often copies the IP address and installs virus in to all of your data so not only your Computer data but the data you maintain online is at risk for getting virus too. So, if you are scared that such a problem may be occurring in your computer, you can just leave everything to our agents who provide expert and feasible solutions for every problem in Gmail. Handling malware requires first determining the situation, the intensity of damage and detecting the files that have been infected, resolving the files or removal of such files that are causing the damage. This also requires users to install an effective Anti Virus whose package they may trouble choosing.

It is also possible to talk to an expert live through video chat using Google’s Hangouts or contact Google Headquarters via email.

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