What is Lesser Known Gmail Tips and Tricks?

Gmail has gone through a number of changes and you may be wondering how to get back control on the inbox. Here are some of the lesser known Gmail tips and tricks that help to master the email workflow. Gmail customer support experts share these tricks over the phone, chat, or email.


• You can create own alias-based filtering


Gmail never provide technical aliases unless you use the Gmail to view and respond to emails sent to the registered domain. However, it does not allow you to set up aliases using plus or dots as signs in the email address. Such as “anniehepburn@gmail.com” and “annie.hepburn@gmail.com“will both go to the same inbox. You could easily create one that will redirect the messages to “annie+hepburn@gmail.com” or automatically label messages choosing Settings > Labels and create useful labels for various different things, then use filters to label messages “annie.hepburn@gmail.com“ under family or business tags.
Next, you need to give the appropriate version of your email address to different people and the messages will filter and label for you when they arrive at your inbox.
• The use of keyboard shortcuts


If you are accessing the Gmail with the help of the laptop or desktop with a keyboard, you can use keyboard shortcuts to navigate and manage the messages so that you do not waste your time moving the hands from the keyboard again. There is a long list of the shortcuts, which the Gmail technical support experts can share you over the email.
• You will find some of the extra tools in Google Labs


With the use of the Gmail settings, you will come across many important tools, which comes to great aid often. There’s a tab marked “Labs” where you can find range of tools to work with Gmail. Such as Canned Responses that lets you save messages, you send often and allow you to insert them into the email messages with a few clicks. Another option is those of the
• Get extra tools from Google Labs


Within your Gmail settings, click on that tab and you can add a range of tools people have built. You have yet another completely new option called the Undo Send button to recall a message up to a few seconds just after you have hit the Send button.
Use these tips and tricks to make your Gmail handling easier and much comfortable than you could have imagined.

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