Smart Reply With Gmail Emoji

smart reply with Gmail emoji

So now you can give smart reply in Gmail with uses of emoji which really help you to express yourself with a different way also you make your conversation more effective by using these emojis and its too cute and attractive.

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How To Change The Recovery Emails In Gmail Account


Recovery emails are very important and users should always provide an alternate e-mail ID while creating their Gmail account. With the help of this recovery e-mail you will be able to recover your Gmail account if you ever forget your password. If by chance, your account gets blocked; in such situations also Gmail will want you to verify your identity so that it can allow you to access your account. In case suspicious activity is observed in your account even then Gmail will block your account and you will require proving your identity to access your account. If you upgrade your recovery in the account information page you’ll never face any problem in accessing your account.


However, if you have not yet set your recovery in mail in Gmail account you can do so at any moment. Sign in to your Gmail account and go to personal information and privacy. Now you have to select your personal info and then select e-mail. In the recovery e-mail section select edit and then add your recovery e-mail address or alternate e-mail address. Now select- done. In this manner you can add your recovery e-mail address or change your recovery e-mail address, whenever you desire, in your Gmail account. Usually, customers are required to add an alternate e-mail address while creating a Gmail account.


This account is used for verification purposes and later when there is any problem in logging into Gmail account; Gmail sends verification code to this alternate e-mail address. Gmail uses this recovery e-mail address to verify your identity in case you forget your password or you cannot sign into well for any other reason. Gmail and also inform you on this e-mail address if you are about to run short of your storage space in Gmail or notify you if there is any unusual activity in your Gmail account.


Call Gmail customer care support team if you have any confusions or problems in changing your recovery e-mail address in Gmail account. If there is any change in your recovery e-mail address, you must immediately update it in the Gmail account. You should select an e-mail account as your recovery e-mail address if you use it regularly. Take the help of Gmail customer associates in changing or adding a recovery e-mail account to your Gmail account, if you cannot do it on your own, call Gmail customer help at any time via the toll free help line number of Gmail.

Problems In Login To Gmail Account and Troubleshoot Options

Gmail login problems help

You will come across two basic ways to have a Gmail login either to using the web interface or by accessing Gmail remotely using desktop or mobile. Both these methods have their disadvantages and advantages.

A general Gmail login needs to be of specific location; users can be located anywhere and can help to access their email account if you enjoy a steady connection to internet. Remote clients such as Outlook or Thunderbird might offer some other advantages. Email can be accessible even without internet connection for one. You can also store them locally and not on a remote server, that provides access to them even in the absence of internet.

At Gmail customer support, we are going to discuss some of the best practices. Here we are going discuss all the ways they lay down to troubleshoot the Gmail login problems –

When you forget username and password

• Visit the respective username-assistance page and password-assistance page of Gmail

• Enter you alternate email address

• Click submit

• You need to type the pictures into the text box and click submit button. If you have lost the usernames, a list of usernames associated will be sent to second address and for changing the password a link will be sent to the address

• Check your alternate address for the new list of usernames or simply find out the password link provided.

When your account gets locked

In such an instance when you cannot lock into your accounts, as per Google it might take 24 hours to reinstate your account. However, even after that if you are not able to access your account follow the steps as you follow during password assistance. Often this is an issue, which Gmail password recovery team helps for every customer.

When your accounts gets hacked

• A hacked Gmail account may be yet another reason for you having trouble logging in. Google has their set of mail security checklist that one should to the letter to make sure the computer is clean.

• Check for the viruses immediately, change the Gmail password with the help of Gmail password recovery team, and make sure that the connection you use is secure.

• Gmail users need to assess the situation in detail before they can troubleshoot it

To know dial the Gmail helpline number and get an instant solution for the Gmail login troubleshoot you come across.

Get Instant Gmail Technical Help To Recover Hacked Emails

Gmail account hacked

Have you ever suffered the agony of your Gmail account being hacked by the hacker? If there is no any important or sensitive information in your Gmail account, you may not panic or get disappointed. However, it would be a bit difficult to maintain your composure if it contains the sensitive information such as the details of any financial transaction. Many of the Gmail users may feel unsure of what to do if the Gmail account is hacked. In fact, the hacking is quite a common issue of all the online email service providers. It has been an ongoing menace. Despite efforts of the experts, it has not been entirely eliminated and perpetually haunts the online world. But as a Gmail user, there is nothing to worry. You can easily regain control over your hacked account, and simultaneously, you can also implement such measures that can keep the hackers at bay.


If your Gmail account gets hacked, what you need in the first place is to change the password if the hacker has not changed the password. For this, you can sign in to your Gmail account and find the password change option under ‘Settings’. Also you can find the password change link on the Gmail support page. But you should not stop here. You should also check if any changes have been done in the alternate email id, phone number, and answers of security questions. If there is any discrepancy, you should make changes here as well.


In case the hacker has changed the password of your Gmail account, you will not be able to sign in to it. You will be required to recover the password. For this, you can use the Gmail password recovery link which you can find on the Gmail support page or the on the Gmail login page by clicking ‘Can’t access account?’ You can then choose to either answer the security questions or use the alternate email address or the phone number to recover the password. Also, you can activate the mechanisms to safeguard your account form the hackers.


If you are unable to regain control over your hacked Gmail account, you should immediately dial the Gmail technical support contact number and get the required technical support from the Gmail customer service executives. The Gmail experts are available round the clock and you can access the technical assistance at any point of time by dialling the tech support phone number.