How To Change The Recovery Emails In Gmail Account


Recovery emails are very important and users should always provide an alternate e-mail ID while creating their Gmail account. With the help of this recovery e-mail you will be able to recover your Gmail account if you ever forget your password. If by chance, your account gets blocked; in such situations also Gmail will want you to verify your identity so that it can allow you to access your account. In case suspicious activity is observed in your account even then Gmail will block your account and you will require proving your identity to access your account. If you upgrade your recovery in the account information page you’ll never face any problem in accessing your account.


However, if you have not yet set your recovery in mail in Gmail account you can do so at any moment. Sign in to your Gmail account and go to personal information and privacy. Now you have to select your personal info and then select e-mail. In the recovery e-mail section select edit and then add your recovery e-mail address or alternate e-mail address. Now select- done. In this manner you can add your recovery e-mail address or change your recovery e-mail address, whenever you desire, in your Gmail account. Usually, customers are required to add an alternate e-mail address while creating a Gmail account.


This account is used for verification purposes and later when there is any problem in logging into Gmail account; Gmail sends verification code to this alternate e-mail address. Gmail uses this recovery e-mail address to verify your identity in case you forget your password or you cannot sign into well for any other reason. Gmail and also inform you on this e-mail address if you are about to run short of your storage space in Gmail or notify you if there is any unusual activity in your Gmail account.


Call Gmail customer care support team if you have any confusions or problems in changing your recovery e-mail address in Gmail account. If there is any change in your recovery e-mail address, you must immediately update it in the Gmail account. You should select an e-mail account as your recovery e-mail address if you use it regularly. Take the help of Gmail customer associates in changing or adding a recovery e-mail account to your Gmail account, if you cannot do it on your own, call Gmail customer help at any time via the toll free help line number of Gmail.

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